Leadership Training

Developing a Justice and Mercy Ministry
that Enhances Intentional Evangelism

Thursday October 16; Noon - 12:45pm

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In many New England communities, churches are struggling to overcome a reputation for being judgmental, disconnected, self-consumed, irrelevant and powerless.  Have we interpreted our community’s mistrust to mean that they are closed to the gospel? New initiatives are showing that when we find ways to lean into the issues that the community cares about and demonstrate Jesus’ love in ways that effect real change, negative reputations give way to restored trust and open conversations.

Bob Atherton, Director of THRIVE New England, will discuss how justice and mercy ministries are a crucial ingredient to the flow of evangelism in our communities. He will share principles you can apply to connect the unique strengths of your church with the unique needs of your community.

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The Ripple Effect
November 14-15
Grace Chapel, Lexington, MA

Like a stone tossed in the center of a pond, the gifts God gives us, when used to serve others, are ripples of love across the world. The Ripple Effect conference is designed so that you can bring a team from your local church in order to strengthen the work of your church in making its own ripples of love in the community it serves. With gifted speakers and workshop leaders, you will come away from this event with practical tools and ideas that are designed to be implemented immediately in your local context.

For a complete listing of workshops and to register for the event, visit the Ripple Effect website