Leadership Training

Three Keys to Effective Pastoral Leadership
Key 1: Pastoral Spiritual Formation

Thursday, August 7

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Have This three part webinar series will provide a glimpse into how you can develop your pastoral leadership skills. Each bi-weekly webinar will focus on one of the three keys to how you can grow and hone your personal leadership skills and be more effective.

During session one, David Midwood, Campus Pastor of Free Christian Church for the North
Andover campus, will share his insight on how you can discover the best spiritual formation practices for your personality and how you can become a champion for personal soul care in your church.

This webinar series is a snapshot into Vision Ne England’s Pastoral Coaching Network. Each of the three topics within this series are addressed in depth during the fall network meetings. Be sure to join us for future webinars to learn more about the other two keys to effective Pastoral Leadership:

Thursday, August 21:
Church Structures and Systems

Thursday, September 4:
Pastoral Leadership Skills

Weekly Spotlight