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More Than Our “Cause”: Bringing Justice and Mercy Into the Trenches of Relationship 
Tuesday, February 7; Noon - 12:45pm
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Major social issues like poverty, race, disease and human trafficking stir our hearts and move us to find a “cause” to invest ourselves in.  As important as that is, Jesus’ call to justice and mercy invites us further, into the trenches of building respectful and compassionate relationships with people around us who are so much more than whatever labels we would first use to describe them.  In a world where people are becoming more impersonal and isolated, Jesus wants to help us “not conform to the pattern of this world” and learn a different way, where justice and mercy can flourish in the context of relationship.    

We’re excited to dive into this with Pastor Joel Hubbard, the Senior Pastor of Vine39 in Stoneham, MA.  As a follower of Christ and church leader, Joel has wrestled deeply with how to connect genuinely with all types of people, listen to their hearts, learn the full picture of who they are, and love THEM; and how to build that into the core of a church’s culture.

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