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The primary mission of
the Church is to "make disciples ... teaching them to obey all I commanded."

Matt. 28:19


Dallas Willard: Accessible Disciple Making & Spiritual Growth

Decades ago Dallas Willard identified the American Church's weakness at growing people spiritually. This video lecture series is very accessible, and identifies the problems and solutions.

Ministries Helping Churches Build Disciple Making Cultures

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Your Growth

Leadership Transformations

 will help you listen, equip you to discern, invite you to act, encourage you to pursue God’s unique will for you, your team, and your ministry.


Growing Others

Bury Your Ordinary

is a field manual to an entirely different way of life that starts with digging a deep hole, putting the “ordinary you” inside, covering it with dirt, and walking away transformed. 

Other Resources to Grow Spiritually

Norman Shawchuck, Rueben Philip Job

A compilation of scriptures, prayers, readings from well-known spiritual writers, along with hymn texts.

Adele Calhoun

Directions for our continuing journey toward intimacy with Christ.

Greg Ogden

A vision for transforming both the individual disciple and discipleship itself.

Gauge Your Spiritual Temperature

This list of questions was developed by  John Wesley to help people better understand the root causes of our sin, so we deal with the character issues behind the sin.


Kari Kristina Reeves

Augment your prayer life with these deep and contemplative prayers, helpfullly organized by topic.


Thomas à Kempis

This classic for instruction and inspiration, has brought understanding and comfort to millions for centuries, by helping people model their lives on Jesus' life.


Rev. Dr. Moreen Hughes

Dr. Hughes presents a set of spiritual disciplines to help develop Christlike character by exploring themes of spiritual formation, character development, and self-reflection.


Rev. Dr. Arlene Hall

Dr. Hall will carefully lead you through a spiritual transformation to the place where God dwells… and where you will want to dwell forever once you experience the joy of meeting God in the secret place.

D. Michael Henderson

Central to one of the fastest growing religious movements in history was Wesley's “class meeting,” which proved to be one of the most effective tools for making disciples ever developed. 


John Mark Comer

Within the pages of this book, you’ll find a fascinating roadmap to staying emotionally healthy and spiritually alive in the chaos of the modern world.

Ken Shigematsu

The time-tested spiritual practice of the “rule of life” can help bring busy people into a closer relationship with God.

Danny D. Clymer

Will help guide you in a faithful, deliberate effort to fulfill the Great Commission - no matter where you live or what communities in which you minister. 


Dr. Barbara L. Peacock

Soul care director Barbara Peacock illustrates a journey of prayer, spiritual direction, and soul care from an African American perspective. 


Joshua Choonmin Kang

An invitation to walk slowly, paying attention to God's work, to walk intentionally, using spiritual disciplines to develop Christlike character, and to walk purposefully, experiencing deeper grace and vision.


Rev. Howard Thurman

Deep reflections by Howard Thurman, Dr. Martin Luther King's spiritual advisor and mentor.

Rev. Justin Kendrick

Rev. Justin Kendrick demonstrates that growing spiritually can only happen in community, i.e. close, trusted relationships.

Dr. Dallas Willard

Willard calls it "the transformation of the spirit"- a divine process that "brings every element in our being, working from inside out, into harmony with the will of God or the kingdom of God."

Dr. Dallas Willard

Willard gracefully weaves biblical teaching, popular culture, science, scholarship, and spiritual practice into a tour de force that shows the necessity of profound change in how we view our lives and faith.

Ken Shigematsu

A fresh perspective on how certain spiritual practices help orient our lives so that our souls can flourish in the midst of a demanding, competitive society.

Rich Villodas

During our chaotic times, discover five forgotten values that can spark internal growth and help us reconcile our Christian faith with the complexities of race, sexuality, and justice.

Dr. Dallas Willard

A rigorous intellectual case for why it makes sense to believe in God and in Jesus.

Richard Foster

Celebration of Discipline has helped more than one million seekers discover a richer spiritual life infused with joy, peace, and a deeper understanding of God.


Vision New England

Explore all our episodes on making disciples!

Vision New England

Check out our episodes on spiritual practices that will make you a healthy disciple!

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