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“God is doing something we’ve never seen before in New England!”


That’s what we’ve heard from so many New England ministry leaders, some of whom have been here for decades, who tell us they’ve never seen anything what's happening today.


New England may be the most unchurched region of the country, but that hides the amazing things God is doing here, the number of people giving their lives to Jesus, innovative ministries, volume of church plants, growing churches, and ministries valued by their communities for serving the the most vulnerable among us. 


We want to catch on to what God is doing and change New England with the transformational love of Jesus. We know no single ministry can accomplish this but our Association network, which spans more than one thousand ministries representing tens of thousands of Christians, believes together we can, and that God will bless our unity as an expression of His gospel that Jesus prayed for in John 17.

For this to happen we need to build better connection between ministries, leaders and believers. So Vision New England serves as a "connecting ministry," working across networks, denominations, traditions, geography, race, age and gender, to bring believers together in targeted events where they build relationships, share, learn, encourage each other and find opportunities to collaborate to accelerate their work of evangelism. 

We partner with subject matter experts to connect people in targeted events such as:

Justice Summits which bring together groups of 150-200 focused on issues like human trafficking, foster care, prison reentry, addiction, mental illness, refugees and racial healing. Doing justice and caring for the most vulnerable among us earns believers the space to share Jesus.

Practitioner Forums gather groups of 10-20 who share a common context like large church pastors, executive pastors, and multi-site pastors. We're working to add forums for other groups like bi-vocational pastors, female ministry leaders, marketplace leaders, etc. The peer-learning in these contexts is a core contributor to leadership development, and contributes to ministry growth in areas like evangelism, discipleship and prayer.

Regional Thrives host hundreds of believers within a geographic area like Cape Cod, where believers gather to dialog common issues with ministries working to solve them ... all tailored to their "place." These events address obstacles to Thriving Communities like you'd find in a Justice Summit along with what is needed for Thriving Churches like discipleship, prayer and evangelism. All empowering and equipping believers to deepen their walks, do justice and share the love of Jesus in our communities.

Association Leader Gatherings that connect New England ministry leaders focusing on building relationships, prayer unity and accelerating evangelism, today and twenty years from now, through the priorities listed above. 


VNE also connects believers through social media, webinars, and this web site, and to “back office” services like accounting, payroll, regulatory compliance, insurance, to take "back office" work off a ministry’s plate so they can focus on their front line mission of evangelism.


In all the above targeted events we see amazing outcomes, including the launching of innovative new ministries, believers called to plug into existing ministries, peer learning and collaboration ... all geared toward accelerating evangelism in New England!