Mental Health


Despair, Resiliency, and Hope: Understanding and Navigating Depression After COVID-19

Dr. James Manganello (PhD Boston University, MPH Harvard University, Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress) will explain how recovery is possible, and why we can still have hope for the future. Hosted by Social Life at Cape Cod Church. Listen here,


Unbridled honesty, message from ashley pitkin

Just under 50% of adults in the United States will struggle with mental health at some point in their lives. Though prevalent in our culture, mental health has often been left out of discussions when it comes to faith and the church. In this message, Ashley Pitkin breaks down the stigma and discover the power of hope and community in this complex conversation.


Equipping Churches in Trauma Healing

Nicole Martin shares how the Trauma Healing Institute has been equipping pastors and laypeople to facilitate Trauma Healing groups and to experience God’s healing power in their lives and the lives of others. Listen here.


All Things Life with

Niro Feliciano

Niro Feliciano, cognitive psychotherapist, offers practical strategies she has developed over the last 15 years in private practice and invites you into conversations with experts to help you live your fullest life on her podcast, All Things Life.


Burden Bearing 101: Understanding Trauma informed Ministry

Heather Thornburg, Chief Program Officer at Amirah in a video speaking at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. 


Four Models of Counseling in Pastoral Ministry

This article by Tim Keller identifies the four main spheres of counseling, the similarities and differences, and how one can engage biblical principles in modern-day counseling. 

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