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The primary mission of the Church is to "make disciples ... teaching them to obey all I commanded."
Matt. 28:19


Dallas Willard on Making Disciples

Forty years ago Dallas Willard diagnosed the problems the Church is experiencing along with theological and practical frameworks to course correct.

Renovaré Spiritual Formation Resources

Renovaré was founded by Richard Foster and exists to help others live in the presence of the triune God, as described by Dallas Willard.


Leadership Transformations Institute

LTI helps you listen, equips you to discern, invites you to act, encourages you to pursue God’s unique will for you, your team, and your ministry.

Spiritual Formation In Your Own Life

Resources to help you engage God through spiritual practices that will transform your hearts to be like Jesus' and retrain your body to transform the way your heart wants.


Resources to Help Us Disciple Others

Resources to help each of us fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples, "teaching them to obey all I commanded you" (Matt. 28:19)

Ministries Helping Churches Make Disciples

These New England based ministries help churches move from programatic offerings to disciple making cultures.


Other Resources

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