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Vision New England was founded in 1887 as the Evangelistic Association of New England to "employ evangelists, establishing means of communication between such workers and those desiring evangelistic services, assisting such workers and encouraging both workers and communities to engage in such work ... and for any and all other purposes legitimately incidental to or in aid of" sharing the love of Jesus.​

While our methods have evolved over time evangelism is still the reason we exist and we support it by bringing believers together across historical boundaries to accelerate their shared mission to make disciples whose lives reflect the redeeming love of Jesus, who do justice in serving their communities, and humbly and relationally share their faith in our Jesus who loves all people unconditionally.

The three things we observe when God moves is the Holy Spirit, a shared mission and relationship. God provided the first two so we focus on building relationships for Him to use.

Our Vision

We are an association network of more than 1000 ministries who want to see New England transformed with the love of Jesus and believe God will do that when we connect, build relationships and work together to accelerate making disciples who do justice, earning the space to share Jesus.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Vision New England is a "connecting ministry" that uses targeted events and technology, to connect leaders and believers, to build relationships, share, learn and collaborate, accelerating their work of making disciples, who do justice, and share Jesus.

Our Beliefs

In addition to the historical creeds, we believe the local church has the primary leadership role in advancing the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom mentality that empowers collaboration, and unity that honors our distinctives. 

We are committed to the centrality of the Cross which proclaims the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the authority of the Bible as God's revealed Word to man, dying to ourselves and committing to a new "surrendered life" to Jesus, and a faith that takes action making disciples, doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly before God.

Our Affiliates

Foster Care
Pastor Mentoring
Strategic Leadership
Human Trafficking
Leader Soul Care
Prison Reentry

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