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Gina Mueller of 3DMovements

"The way we do church, we always put an expert at the center. This reinforces the idea that everyday people can't do ministry."
Hosted by Vision New England President Charles Galda, Church in Action episodes are conversations with New England leaders about critical issues that impact how Christians engage in our culture
to accelerate evangelism.

Join us as we focus on making disciples, doing justice, and sharing Jesus to accelerate evangelism in New England!

Gordon MacDonald - author of more than 12 books, a man who has successfully led almost every kind of ministry - leads us in a two-part discussion on unleashing the potential in your church family, by creating disciples through biblical, purpose-filled community. Listen here!


Want to grow transformed disciples who advance God's kingdom? Join us for part 2 of our conversation with Gordon MacDonald - leading church thinker and successful practitioner - as he shares the model he implemented to identify disciples and unleash their God-given potential through biblical community! Listen here!

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During 2019, 64% of young adults attending church walked away (according to Barna Group). In the face of statistics like these, Kyler Barr (once the NextGen pastor of Walnut Hill Community Church, now ministry consultant) offers insight on young adults who stay in church, detailing how we can support their faith in an increasingly counter-Christian culture. Listen here!

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Join us as Rev. Dr. Lloyd - pastor of Greater Framingham Community Church in MA, and Adjunct Professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary - leads us in an examination of what it looks like to daily disadvantage ourselves in the biblical process of disciple-making. Listen here!

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Today we've asked Johana Perez, the pastor of Family Ministries at Harvest Ministries of New England, and Director of Leadership and Educational Programs of COPHANI, to share with us. She's an exemplary practitioner in family ministries, her wisdom will bring grace and clarity to the process of growing your children into disciples. Listen here!


The American church often tries to make disciples through programs. In this episode, Pastor Justin Kendrick of Vox Church takes us beyond discipleship programs to explore the biblical methodology of making disciples by inviting people into your life through the lens of his book, “Bury Your Ordinary: Practical Habits of a Heart Fully Alive.” Listen here!


Rev. Dr. Brian Mowrey, one of the lead pastors of Walnut Hill Community Church in CT, shares more detail about his book on discipleship, “On the Other Side of Yes.” Join us as we dig in and learn more about following the way of Jesus in our day-to-day lives! Listen here!

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In this conversation, Gina Mueller - Director of 3dMovements North America - brings us back to Jesus' model for disciple-making. Her expertise in disciple-making, on small and large scales, is a wonderful resource for aligning our priorities to God's instead of our own church-culture precedence. Listen here!

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In this episode, we discuss the necessity of biblical church community, and the role of committed church family dynamics in disciple-making, with Pastor Ed Pichette of Graceway Community Church in RI. Pastor Ed will specifically discuss how his church has seen their house-church model nourish their congregants. Listen here!

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Only 10% of Christian twentysomethings have a resilient faith, according to a study by Barna. That's why we value successful practitioners like Pastoral Associate Brittany Feldott of Cape Cod Church, who helped spearhead an innovative young adult disciple-making structure in her church. Listen here!

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Every Christian is called to make disciples, but sometimes that's not how the New England church functions. That's why we've asked Dr. Mateus de Campos, Dean of Hamilton Campus and Director of Formation and Leadership Development of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, onto our podcast. Listen here!


In part 1 of this conversation, Pastor James Roberson of Bridge Church NYC shares his wisdom on how to discern the differences between transformative disciple-making and behavior modification as a church leader. Listen here!


As followers of Christ, we're not only called, but equipped to stand unified as a Church. Join us and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez -  President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, advisor to former presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump, and pastor of New Season Church. Rev. Samuel shares his experience on the practice of unity, and the role unity plays in making disciples. Listen here!

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